Lab of Psychology

Head of Lab @BINUS Kemanggisan:
Dr. Wisnu Wiradhany

Head of Lab @BINUS Bekasi:
Dr. Istiani, M.Psi.

Student Research & Development Coordinator @BINUS Kemanggisan:
Budi Sulaeman, M.Psi., Psikolog.

Staff of Laboratory @BINUS Kemanggisan:
Lulu Nadya Hakim, S.Psi.

  1. Dear Ibu Esther, Saya Puti, alumni Psikologi Binus 2015. Teman saya sedang mencari bantuan psikolog atau konselor karena beberapa hari ini mengalami gejala-gejala sebagai berikut: - Susah bernafas - Susah tidur - Merasa gelisah - Merasa takut mati - Gejala mulai setelah bermimpi melihat peti mati - Merasa seperti dikejar-kejar Dengan penjelasan di atas, apakah dapat dibantu di Biro Psikologi Binus? Ditunggu informasinya. Terima kasih Regards, Puti Saraswati

  2. Dear colleagues, On behalf of the administration of Chelyabinsk State University (Russia) we would like to thank you for your interest towards this letter. We wrote this letter in order to inform you about the main fields of research conducted at our university and to propose establishment of cooperation in these and other relevant fields. Chelyabinsk State University is a classical university that offers a wide array of Bachelor, Master and Postgraduate programmes in natural sciences, humanities, and technical sciences ( We would like to introduce the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy. The main areas of research conducted at the Faculty are the following: 1. Time perception in economy, politics, and psychology; 2. Organization of student self-government; 3. Inclusive education. We would be delighted to know whether some of these research fields are of scientific interest for you or you would like to collaborate in some other fields. We regard joint international projects as a way to join our intellectual and organizational efforts and thus make our work more effective. If you find cooperation with our university interesting and would like to participate in such projects, please let us know, so that we could further discuss the aspects of cooperation. Yours faithfully, Ekaterina Zabelina Chelyabinsk State University

    • Dear Ms. Zabelina, on behalf of Psychology Department, I would like to thank you for your interest in collaborating with us. I already forwarded your email to some of my colleagues in the department, and in our International Office. For further discussion, let's continue on email. You can email me at Thank you. Meery Christmas & Happy New Year :) Best, Raymond Godwin [Head of Psychology Department]