As long as human exist, the discipline of psychology can be applied in broad ranging aspects of life. Equipped with a good understanding in basic theories of psychology, individuals may be expected to work in variety of milieus. Traditional wise, psychology focuses ‘only’ on the study of normal and abnormal human’s functioning as well as provides treatment to patients with mental and behavioral problems. Without leaving its traditional root, psychology nowadays has also touched on more practical areas, including the mental function of healthy individuals such as athletes, space explorers, stage performers and employees, even the effect on interaction between human and computer.

Department of Psychology offers an undergraduate study or S-1. According to the existing National Regulation, the undergraduate degree of psychology provides its students with thorough curriculum consisting of a set of subjects. Par excellence, at BINUS University, students of Psychology will be strengthen by the understandings of urban communities’ life and the use of technology to improve human performance, as the exclusive advantages to contribute in their working community.