Semester 7

In the seventh semester, each students have to complete 14 credits (SKS) within 1 General Courses, 3 Stream Courses. On each stream, students will be take 1 intervention course, 1 course that provide updated information about their specialization, and 1 course that providing them to have an internship at a private company, school, national/government company, or non-government organizational, depends on their specialization. The courses are:

General Courses

Stream: Educational Psychology

  1. Psychology of Instructional Design
  2. Current Issues in Educational Psychology
  3. Internship

Stream: Community Psychology

  1. Psychology of Social Intervention
  2. Current Issues in Community Psychology
  3. Internship

Stream: Industrial & Organizational Psychology

  1. Psychology of Training & Development
  2. Current Issues in Industrial & Organizational Psychology
  3. Internship