Semester 5

In fifth semester, each students will start their specialization. Students can select one of three areas: Educational Psychology, Community Psychology, or Industrial & Organizational Pscyhology.

In this semester, each students have to complete 22 credits (SKS), within 4 general courses and 3-4 stream courses:

General Courses:

  1. CB: Professional Development
  2. Entrepreneurship 2
  3. Experimental Methods of Psychology
  4. Clinical Psychology

Stream: Educational Psychology

  1. Psychology of Intelligence
  2. Psychology of Creativity and Giftedness
  3. Psychology of Early Childhood Education

Stream: Community Psychology

  1. Psychology of Social Networks
  2. Forensic Psychology
  3. Introduction to Urban Psychology
  4. Psychology of Public Policy

Stream: Industrial & Organizational Psychology

  1. Organizational Behavior and Leadership
  2. Human Performance Technology
  3. Consumer Psychology