To become a center of excellence for digital psychology that fosters and empowers the community through the integration of caturdharma to democratize the use of technology to improve human dignity and well-being in the local to global scope.


The mission of the Department of psychology is to contribute to the society by organizing a digital psychology center through:

  1. Educating BINUSIAN from various backgrounds with knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the field of psychology supported by the latest technology, to prepare them for the world of careers and / or continue their education in psychology or other disciplines.
  2. Intensifying the ethos of data-based research to contribute positively in solutions to improve human dignity and well-being, both at local and global levels.
  3. Fostering BINUSIAN to become lifelong learners through critical and measurable self-enrichment activities.
  4. Developing and recognizing all BINUSIAN’s talents to be involved in improving human dignity and welfare by prioritizing justice, equity, and a sustainable community.
  5. Enriching the BINUS Higher Education system based on a humanist perspective.