Vision & Mission


Being a respected educational institution in the field of applied psychology that produces graduates who mastered the substance of science of psychology and equipped with specific knowledge and skills in information and communication technology.



The mission of Psychology Department is to contribute to the global community through the provision of world-class education by:
  1. Educating students from diverse background with the fundamental skills, knowledge and practice of psychology that are supported by information and communication technology, to prepare them for the career world and/or continue advanced degrees in psychology or other disciplines.
  2. Intensifying the research ethos and the societal involvement activities, which are directly linked to the national attributes and supported with the latest academic environment and materials.
  3. Developing and acknowledging all talents for the purpose of positively contributing to the quality of life of industrial community, both nationally and globally.
  4. Creating global leaders who distinguish themselves as professional in human intervention with psychological knowledge and skills in their work organizations and communities.
  5. Conducting professional service and career development in psychology and its related area with a emphasis of application of knowledge and quality of life to the society.


  1. Question Regarding A Mental Health Project Hello there, I am reaching out because I have a question about a project I am working on related to mental health. The purpose is to try to educate more individuals and families about mental health & wellness related topics by working with websites like yours. As someone that has been featured in Yahoo, ADAA, TheMighty, AMHCA, GoodMenProject, etc... mental health has become something I'm quite passionate about. My aim is to further support and encourage more discussions about these and other important topics. After looking at a few pages of your site, initially this one, I noticed it's a great resource and also that you linked to a page I thought I'd reach out to you. If there is a way to encourage and support you in covering these topics for the benefit of your readers, I'd like to discuss in more detail with you; even if there is a fee. If this might be something you're interested in, please let me know. If not, I understand and don't necessarily expect a response back from you. Thanks for your time/consideration & have a great day. Marie

    • Dear Marie, you can send email to our Head of Department, Mr. Raymond Godwin at to explain and explore the chances to collaborate. Thank you