Excerpts From The Seminar: Understanding Workplace Conflicts

The psychology department of Binus University was very humbled and delighted to host Mrs. Joyce Odidison from interpersonal wellness center, Canada.

The purpose of her visit was to give a seminar on understanding workplace conflicts based on her book “hurt, frustrated, and angry” by Joyce Odidison.

Why conflict happens?

As human being, let’s just be open that we are different and we have different perspectives.

When we hear the word conflict, it is as if this word were only associated to negative things. You should know there are some positives we could get.

  1. Conflicts could raise awareness
  2. Conflicts motivates us to move on

What makes conflicts in our brain?

Brain selected resources that we need. If we can’t seem to achieve that but other people could, brain is going to think that “I want what you want”. That is the first phase where the competition begins and started to create negative perspectives.

The importance of boundaries

Boundaries are parameters we build for the establishment of our relationship. At times, this kept us safe from conflicts.

How to prevent conflicts with boundaries?

  1. Have clear boundaries
  2. Know how to communicate your boundaries
  3. Maintain it!

Bellybutton syndrome

This unique term that Mrs. Joyce invent herself is very interesting. She makes this term to make people understand that we are all human being. We make mistakes and we are not perfect.

Progression in workplace conflicts

  1. Conceptual Phase

“You feel horrible from someone”

  1. Central Phase

“You tell your friends how you feel “and they said “she did that to you?!”

  1. Protracted Phase

You and your alliance agreed to take a revenge to the person that make you feel bad, in order to make them guilty because they deserve it.

“We make them pay” –> dehumanized the other person

  1. Intervention
  2. Resolution

After reading this article, may you feel interested to learn more about conflicts or to get some coaching from Mrs. Odidison herself, don’t hesitate to access her website on www.interpersonalwellness.com

The department thank YOU, Mrs. Joyce for this rare opportunity to learn from the expert herself who came a long way from canada! We hope you enjoy your stay in Indonesia. 

Nanda Agastya Wardana