Lumina Spark Workshop : How to Influence Your Own Success

On 4th August 2016,

I’ve been delegated to attend the “Lumina Spark Workshop : How to Influence Your Own Success” from the psychology department. Generally it was an amazing experience to learn and gain new knowledge from the lumina practitioner especially Mrs. Ayleen Wisudha herself.

Throughout the workshop we’ve been exposed to understand about our own personality before we learn about others.


the first session of the workshop is about understanding lumina. In this part of the session, we learn about the basis of lumina and its milestones. Mrs. Ayleen explained about personality, the colors in lumina and what it stands for, how lumina works and what advantages it has for personal development.


This workshop is a lot of fun that there are variety of activities we did the whole day. On 1st session, we are asked to choose 16 cards from 4 decks (red, blue, yellow and green) randomly and state which one is most likely to have similarities with our personality and which one isn’t. after we differentiate the cards, we’re asked to choose only one card that represents us. and then we stand on the lumina mat based on the personality we choose. Each one of us were asked to share about our choices, how do we feel about it and what we think about the person that is in the different personality group. After this session ends, Mr. Jeryl, another lumina practitioner, explained about 8 aspects of personality (in lumina) which is big picture thinking, down to earth, outcome focus, people focus, discipline driven, inspiration driven, extroverted, and introverted. We are asked to choose which of the pair is more likely to be our tendency in the lumina splash paper and how many percent we feel we are similar to the personality aspect. finally, we are making our own Mandala.


The fun part is that, after we draw our own mandala based on our own experience, we are given our real personality profile and we combine this to the mandala that we draw ourselves. after, we are asked to choose one qualities that really represents us and one qualities that we think we need to improve more. in my case, intimate is the quality that really represents me and that I always use most of the time. and the qualities that I did not claim and I feel like I wanna improve more is imaginative. and after, Mrs. Ayleen asked the participants to share about this and she gives so many useful feedbacks in the sharing session.


In the second session of the workshop we are asked to choose a partner, and discuss about strategies to develop spark qualities. we will share and discuss about the qualities we would like to develop, describing this quality in our own words and what are the strategies to develop this qualities based on our sharing and discussion with our partner.


The final activity we did in this very last session is writing down GROWS model which are articulating your goal, the facts about this goal (reality), all of our ideas regarding this, the action that we will be taking and support.


overall it was an amazing day with so many amazing experiences.

thankyou and hats off to the lumina team for the workshop! hoping to attend more sessions.